Things to prepare for the first three months of the wedding


1. 【戒指】

2. 【婚纱礼服】新娘在婚礼中需要准备:一至两套婚纱、一套礼服、一套便服、两双鞋子等。新郎在婚礼中需要准备:一套礼服、两至三件衬衣、皮鞋等。

3。 【伴郎、伴娘礼服、父母服装】(小提示:湖南有风俗说,为吉利新人在结婚当日要从里到外焕然一新,所以制作采购单时要充分考虑 内衣、袜子、皮带都不能少)

4. 【酒水】【香烟】岳阳的喜宴通常每桌摆放 一白一红四啤二软饮(一瓶白酒、一瓶红酒、四瓶啤酒、二瓶饮料)订购酒水的供应商均提供送货上门及多退少补的服务)。

5. 【喜糖】估算喜糖的多少:喜糖有两个地方要用。一是婚礼现场,婚礼现场的话每个座位上一小盒,通常喜糖是以有的桌数+备桌再抛两到三桌;二是送人,对于不能亲自婚礼现场的亲朋,可以送一包糖(半斤左右,常见的是用徐福记的散糖),然后加上送单位的同事大概一个办公室一大包(1斤左右)购买喜糖 可以去超市也可以去批发市场,现在还有的新人通过网购的方式来购买,各种方式购买价格不一样,质量也良莠不齐,重在选信誉好的。两点要特别提醒下1:注意保持期2:尽量选择品牌喜糖。 

6。 【喜糖的包装】比较精致个性的淘宝有很多, 当然如果你有精力、愿意自己动手设计包装,也可以从网上买普通的喜糖盒,然后自己在上面加雪纺绸、金丝带或蝴蝶结、主题姓名牌等。而这些包装的小装饰网上也都可以买得到,价格从几分钱到几块钱不等。

7. 【床上用品】【家里布置小物、卡片】【请帖】 等。

8。 【新娘开始美容计划】

9. 【确定伴郎、伴娘名单】



To start the procurement plan (according to the new purchase orders, reasonable planning time for procurement) 1 [ring] [2] the bride wedding dress to prepare at the wedding: one to two sets of wedding dress, a dress, a dress, two pairs of shoes. The groom in the wedding need to prepare: a set of dresses, three to two shirts, shoes, etc.. The best man and bridesmaid dress, 3 [clothing] parents (tip: Hunan Customs said, Geely new people in the wedding day from the inside to the outside so making purchase orders take on an altogether new aspect, to fully consider the underwear, socks, belt less) 4 [] [] Yueyang cigarette drinks reception desk placed usually every one white and one red beer two (soft drink a bottle of wine, a bottle of wine, four bottles of beer and two bottles of beverages) ordering drinks suppliers to provide door-to-door service and Duotuishaobu). [5] to estimate how much candy candy candy: there are two places to use. A wedding, the wedding scene if every seat is in a small box of candy, usually some table number + prepared the table and then throw two to three table; two is to give, not personally wedding friends, can send a packet of sugar (about half a catty, common is the use of bulk sugar xufuji). Then add send colleagues about an office package (1 pounds) to buy candy can go to the supermarket can also go to the wholesale market, there are new people through online shopping way to buy a variety of ways, the purchase price is not the same, the quality is uneven in quality, on the good reputation. Two to remind 1: keep 2: try to choose a brand of candy. [packing] 6 Xitang fine personality of Taobao has a lot of, of course, if you have the energy, willing to design your own packaging, you can also buy ordinary candy boxes from the Internet, and then in the above plus chiffon, gold ribbon or bow, theme name cards etc.. And these small decorative packaging can also be bought online, the price from a few dollars to a few dollars. [7] [bedding home decorate small card] [invitation], etc.. 8 [Bride starts a beauty plan] [9] to determine the best man and bridesmaid list 10 [make the guest list]

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