Items to be prepared for a month before the wedding.

1.【发喜贴】婚礼前20天-15天内,写喜帖,发喜帖,将喜讯尽早告知亲朋好友,让他们为你们开心和祝福,在写喜贴之前列出被请人的姓名,再依次填写。(小提示:有风俗,女方长辈宴请客人,俗称"嫁女" 不需发喜帖,只需发喜讯,即电话或当面通知即可,至于媒人的喜帖,或以新人名义宴请的长辈都需要新人一同上门恭请)。

2.  【打扫新房卫生】结婚前1周,新人们应认真将新房各个角落打扫一遍,新人新房新气象。

3.  【布置新房】通常选在结婚前一天。

[1] hi paste before the wedding 20 days -15 days, written invitation, invitation, will be good news as soon as possible to inform the relatives and friends, let them happy for you and wish to write invitations before being listed in the name of the person please, then fill in。 (hint: a custom, the woman's parents dinner guests, commonly known as "married women" without invitation, just send good news, the telephone or in person notice, as the matchmaker's wedding invitations, or with a new name of the banquet elders need new home together。)。 1 [] 2 weeks before the wedding, the new people should be careful to clean all corners of the new premises, the new premises of the new meteorological。 3 [layout new house] usually choose a day before the wedding。

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