结婚时的七大禁忌 Seven taboos of marriage

1.  忌吃喜饼


2.  忌二次上香


3.  忌新郎独睡婚床


4.  忌说再见


5.  忌串门


6、 忌孕妇送亲




1 avoid eating cake Cake is auspicious symbol, custom wedding cake distribution intended to share the joy, and mixed hearing by Wong convey to every close relatives and good friends. In the gift, he sent the bride cake remember not to eat, it will put their festive eating. 2 bogey two incense Many of the traditional family in married women when they will sacrifice to ancestors or spirits Zhuoqian incense, the woman in addition to worship cake, but also pay attention to not incense incense head inserted if the plug is crooked crooked, also will not pull out the incense inserted again second times, because the two incense remarried, is unlucky for married couples. 3 avoid groom alone sleep bed New quilt, new pillow, new bedding...... Dress impeccably wedding bed, to be placed to the wedding eve. In this process, we should not be the first person to sleep on a new bed, because such a lonely meaning of marriage, very unlucky, if the groom really no place to rest, you can find a big zodiac sign of the underage boy to accompany sleep. 4 avoid say goodbye When the wedding to close friends and relatives to leave, the couple and friends can not say goodbye, because goodbye two words have the meaning of breaking up and parting, for the newly married couple, this implies a very bad. So when the couple to send guests. Should the nod, or waved to. 5 avoid stopping The bride honeymoon does not need to relatives and friends together taboo is handed down from ancient times. Because the average person on the honeymoon of the bride to be a taboo in the heart, that is not too lucky for others. This unknown to last a month to eliminate. Especially some relatives and friends of the elderly, should be particularly careful not to visit the honeymoon period. 6, pregnant women avoid songqin A day, the bride went out, pregnant women can not send. Because in ancient times people think that pregnant women is a symbol of blood light, songqin pregnant women will give new people bring in the bride when her sworn revenge, so that pregnant women should avoid. But in the bride out, often to set off firecrackers, and many people crowded and noisy scene, air pollution, for the sake of the health of pregnant women, should not be added to the songqin team. 7, avoid marriage within three days to stay home In the Chinese traditional custom, after three days the groom will accompany his wife to return home, this is called "huimen". But note that "huimen" must return to the husband's family the day before sunset, the husband and wife to stay home. This will make her parents bad luck. In case of special reasons can not return home, the couple should also be separated from sleep, to try to resolve the unknown feeling.

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